Would You Like to Join Our Book Launch Team “The Hustlers”?

What is a Book Launch Team, you might ask?  A Book Launch Team is necessary group that helps promote our books.  We would not be able to do what we do without this special team.  The Hustlers are our loyal friends and fans – people who enjoy reading, people who enjoy helping other people succeed, and/or people who like to be a part of a group or movement.  We are always looking for new ideas and new ways to connect with our readers, and that’s where our Launch Team comes in!

What is Expected of a Book Launch Team Member?

  1. The #1 thing we ask of all Book Launch Team Members is that you buy a copy of the book and write a review in a timely manner (like, the day it comes out).  The book is only $2.99, and 100% of the proceeds go to good causes.  So, you get to read a fun book and support a good cause, and we get a review to promote the book which helps more people buy the book overall – we call that a Win-Win!
  2. Read and follow the tasks that are sent to you.  These tasks will be sent weekly or bi-weekly up until the week of the book’s release.  The week of and the week after the release, there may be tasks everyday or every few days, but all of the tasks will be simple and easy and will not take much time (most of them have to do with liking or sharing a status on social media).

What Benefits do you get as a Launch Team Member?

  1. If we ever make the transition to longer books (maybe even novels), then being a part of the Launch Team will entitle you to a free advanced copy (for a review of course).  Score!
  2. You’ll be part of our inner circle (no virgin sacrifices required at this time 😊), which means there will be times we ask for feedback from you about certain plots, settings, or characters during the development process. You’ll also learn (alongside us) the intricacies of publishing and marketing books.
  3. You’ll get bonus content not included in publications that only you and the team get to know about, such as alternate endings or nuggets of cool stuff that we’ve found in the rabbit holes that Will has dug so deep he swears he’s almost to China.
  4. You’ll get exclusive communications with the team.
  5. You’ll get exclusive giveaways, such as original pages from our various publications.
  6. If you are interested, you’ll be given the opportunity to become a Beta Reader and read manuscripts before anyone outside of Will, Taddy, and Danger (he’s a picky reader).
  7. And you’ll get MORE!

So, if you’re still with us and still pumped to be a Launch Team Member, please fill out the info below and our Launch Team Leader (Taddy) will contact you shortly!